Advanced Expertise

As a reputable business management firm, Total Management Experts has been helping Fortune 500 Companies, high net worth individuals, organizations, municipalities and various government agencies excel & sustain for over 20 years.

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Advanced Forward Thinking / Future Minded

Access to cutting edge technology expertise in Project Management & Corporate Branding provides our clients a leading edge.

Advanced industry research & revolutionary digital marketing techniques assure our clients dominate their respective industries.

We prepare municipalities for unforeseen threats through reputation preservation in instances of discrepancies or controversy.

When the future of the city is in jeopardy (such as COVID 19 Pandemic) our strategic crisis support will be in place.

With proactive planning and implementation, our financial advisors provide ongoing support and input to help you achieve your financial goals.

We help you follow through on financial commitments by working to prioritize your goals.


At TME... We Position Our Clients For A LifeTime


Total Management Experts

TME also provides clients with a personal CFO service that provides a comprehensive assessment of your financial future from tax to investment strategies.

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Total Management Expert Systems
Are Solution Based

  • Crisis (COVID 19) Management94%
  • Business Management96%
  • Lifestyle Management86%
  • An absolute pleasure is how I would describe working with Total Management Experts. Not only has our commerce & economics departments blossomed under their direct guidance, management & consultation... but also they have provided wonderful customer service & professional representation each & every step of they way! These guys are simply miracle workers..
    Sara Wright
    City of Selma
  • Gregory Calhoun and Tom Moore have named Jimmie Coleman III [& TME Management] as the executive director. Total Management Experts has a solid experience base dealing with minority business development for over 20 years. Calhoun Foods, one of the largest minority owned companies in America, has helped many major corporations with the development of supplier diversity and enterprise partnership agreements including names like Coca-Cola, NASCAR, and SuperValu.
    Gregory Calhoun
    Calhoun Foods
  • Jimmie & his Total Management Experts team has been essential in the growth & development of ANewPretty, ANewCorporate & ANewExcellence Web Design & Digital Marketing Group. TME has not only worked closely with us in nurturing our brands into the success that they are, but also has been integral in our networking opportunities!
    Alex ANewPretty
    ANewCorporate Digital Design
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